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Don’t Just Pick Any Italian Restaurant, Choose The Best Italian Restaurant

I don’t know about you, but when I want Italian food it has to be authentic, fresh, and full of flavor- just like my Nonna’s! This can be really hard to find if you don’t know what to look for in an Italian restaurant. However, since I am a card carrying Italian…I can help you out here and give you a recommendation. But if you’re looking for the perfect Italian restaurant in Libertyville, you’re in luck- you have a Coppolillo’s! Capeech?

When you’re trying to find delicious Italian food- you will definitely want to focus on atmosphere, wine/cocktail/spirit choices, the quality of the ingredients used and the level of service the restaurant provides to help determine if it is the ‘right’ restaurant for you.

Authentic Italian Cuisine


Only an authentic Italian menu can provide customers with a traditional Italian meal. Authentic dishes offer fresh and flavorful ingredients, used in the iconic recipes passed down for generations!

My Nonna got them when she was married from her family and passed them along to me in the kitchen. I am no spring chicken so these recipes have gone through some heavy lifting to be served exactly the way Nonna’s intend.

This is by far the most important area to take a hard look at to decide if the restaurant has the chops to serve up the real stuff.

A Full Bar & Wine List

No good story ever started with “So, I was eating a salad…” Libations make any occasion better, and paired with food they are lovely!

Customers typically have a favorite beer, spirit, cocktail, and/or wine they hope to see on the  menu. However, a top-notch Italian restaurant like Coppolillo’s will offer a wide selection to choose from to really take your meal to the next level.

Having an extensive and robust wine list, helps servers make a suggestion as to which wines will pair well with your meal. Many times the server is able to offer the perfect pairing to bring out the bold flavors of the meal, that I intended, transforming it from good Italian food, to the best Italian food you have ever had!

Plus, adding the right libation to a meal, whether it is a spirit, cocktail, beer or wine- creates the perfect finishing touch to an already delicious meal. No matter the type of drink choice, you will always find what you are looking for at Coppolillo’s.

An Enticing Ambiance

Where you are eating is just as important as what you are eating! Ambiance can transform eating dinner out, into a memorable experience you’ll never forget. It sets the tone for a great meal and can make your experience unforgettable.

Of course, a big part of this lies in the little details that we never miss at Coppolillo’s–Do you feel welcomed when you enter? Does the decor create a traditional, cozy atmosphere? Is the space photo ready? If so, you’re onto a winner.

Above all else, when it comes to restaurants, the key lies in getting natural elements right.

For example, a semi-enclosed patio can allow the sun to shine in and bring an atmosphere of tranquility with its neutral color palette walls. Combined with modern textiles modeled after rustic natural earth tones, this welcoming and visually pleasing ambiance will make your guests feel right at home.

Top-Notch Service

While the food might be the most important factor when selecting a restaurant, great service will make or break your experience.

If you’re looking for an authentic Italian establishment in Libertyville, it’s important to choose one with team members who are attentive, knowledgable and have a great personality…And it also helps if the Executive Chef is handsome and has a great personality. 🙂

You can feel confident that you will be greeted right away and that your server will be able to accurately articulate their thoughts on any particular item. Dining at a restaurant with exceptional customer service makes the overall atmosphere more enjoyable.

It also means that a scratch kitchen is behind each dish Nonna would approve of!  Each ingredient used to be sure the dishes are made to order and arrive hot from the kitchen – no waiting around!

Good service ensures warm hospitality and excellent attention to detail, making for a memorable evening. When you arrive at Coppolillo’s, your experience will make you feel as though you are part of the famiglia!

Choose The Best Italian Restaurant In Libertyville

By considering the authenticity of Italian cuisine, the full bar & wine list, and the atmosphere and service offered, you can be sure that your experience matches or exceeds the value for your time and money when dining out. And let me tell you, Coppolillo’s will deliver in all areas!

As one of the best-rated restaurants in Libertyville, Coppolillo’s offers all of these amenities and more. Our traditional Italian staples are made from the freshest ingredients, in our scratch kitchen, and served with excellent customer service every single time.

Why not treat yourself and have an unforgettable dining experience?

Visit Coppolillo’s for delicious food, tantalizing drinks, a charming atmosphere, and amazing service – you won’t regret it!

-Owner and chef, Steve Coppolillo

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